Congratulations, friends, unfortunately not everything is as good in Ukraine as we would like. For several days now, sirens have not been turned off, there is a constant air alarm, and explosions all over Ukraine, it is very difficult now in the east and in Odesa. There are many dead… But we are moving forward, all teams are working in many directions.

Now there is a great need for food packages, many refugees in different regions, so our teams in the Baltics, Alexandria, Berdichev, and Slovyansk issue food packages. Many people need medication, and stress has led to health problems. Along with medicines and food, we distribute prayer books and preach. The main task for us now is evacuation

Therefore, a new wave of evacuation began. There have been several evacuations in recent days. One group of people was evacuated from east to west. It hurt to look at an old woman in a wheelchair who had to be evacuated from the truck’s cargo hold. Was it painful to listen to the children ask “Is there no war there?” It hurt to see the woman weep over her paralyzed mother because she didn’t know how to transport the old woman. It hurt to hear people say, “We haven’t eaten in three days.” This is the pain of our country, but we rely on God!

We continue to accept transit groups, hell in the east, so people are fleeing. We are also grateful to everyone for their humanitarian aid – the medicine, all the medicine we received, was taken to the hospital, where the victims of the war are being treated.

We are grateful to all of you for your help!!! We ask for your prayerful support.

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