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Kenya 06/30/23

Greetings to everyone from Kenya! Vlada Sidorchuk ministers in the slums of Dunga, in the town of Kisumu. At the mission I am responsible for social projects. I have written more than 50 responses for child sponsors in the child sponsorship project. Visited several families… Read More »Kenya 06/30/23

Kenya 06/27/23

Latest news from the mission in Malindi, Kenya, Shkraba Marina My main ministry is to the children’s prison. I teach them to draw and while they are drawing, I play an audio Bible in their Swahili language. I bought them vitamins since they eat cornmeal,… Read More »Kenya 06/27/23

Kenya 06/22/23

Greetings from Natalie in Kisumu, Pokot, Kenya. I’m happy to share the news. We continue to serve Pokot in three locations. Every Sunday and Wednesday we hold worship services for 120 adults and children. Children are also an important part of our ministry – 200… Read More »Kenya 06/22/23

Kenya 06/22/23

Greetings my name is Andrei. I serve in Kenya, Kisumu. I continue to work in construction. My main goal remains to finish the bathrooms in our new church. I am already installing the urinal and other components. Next, I will be tiling again. There are… Read More »Kenya 06/22/23

Kenya 06/20/23

Greetings from Kenya! Old people in Kenya are not protected by the government.  They live in shacks, often starving. They suffer from joint pains, blood pressure, and other diseases. They are forced to work from morning till night for a pittance. We decided to start… Read More »Kenya 06/20/23

Kenya 06/13/23

Greetings to everyone. Shkraba Marina is writing to you. I am sharing with you the latest news from the mission fields of Kenya, Malindi. We went with a team to the church for children in the faraway village of Marafa. We brought them milk, soap,… Read More »Kenya 06/13/23

Kenya 06/08/23

Greetings from the family of Natalia Onguko – Pokot, I would like to share with you how the beginning of June went for you – it was quite a busy and blessed beginning of the month. At the location where the third church was planted,… Read More »Kenya 06/08/23

Kenya 06/08/23

Greetings from the equator from Yevtushyk Natalia, Kenya, Kisumu, “Mission of Assistance” I am very happy to share some news with you. We had a wonderful meeting for the children. Since it was raining in the evenings, we made an improvised fire. The children were… Read More »Kenya 06/08/23

Kenya 05/23/23

Greetings from Natalia Yevtushyk. I’m reporting to you about my two weeks in Kenya, Kisumu “mission assistance”. Two weeks ago we had a great service for our teenagers. 250 children aged 9-12 came. Of course, we treated them to something tasty – donuts and tea.… Read More »Kenya 05/23/23