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Kenya 12/14/2023

Hello everyone from Kisumu, Kenya! My name is Natalia Tunguskova-Onguko, and my family and I serve in the Pokot tribe. I wanted to share with you the latest happenings. I’m happy to inform you that four students from the Bible school have completed the two-year… Read More »Kenya 12/14/2023

Kenya 12/14/2023

Hello friends from Africa! Connecting from Kenya.For almost 7 years, I’ve been serving on the “assistance” mission, and I’m very grateful that the IMOSE mission financially supports me, allowing me to continue serving the Lord here in Kisumu. Christmas is approaching soon, so there will… Read More »Kenya 12/14/2023

Kenya 12/12/2023

Good evening people. Hello from Kenya. My name is John Baraka and together with my family (my wife and son) we are serving in Mission Assistance in Kisumu. We are pastors of New Life Church in Kapuothe which IMOCE helped and is helping us build.… Read More »Kenya 12/12/2023

Kenya 12/07/2023

Hello everyone from Malindi, Kenya! 👋😊Sharing the latest news with you all. Everything here remains as usual, according to the schedule, with daily services: – Ministry at the children’s prison.– Home group.– Visiting families with the preaching of the Gospel, providing food, and distributing Bibles… Read More »Kenya 12/07/2023

Kenya 12/07/2023

Hello everyone from the equator!It’s been a while since I sent any updates 🙁 but November turned out to be challenging. Almost the entire month, my kids were sick, and they’re still coughing (for over a month now👀), so I really need prayers to our… Read More »Kenya 12/07/2023

Kenya 11/28/2023

Hello everyone! I’d like to share some news from Kisumu. Despite the rains and flooded homes, we continue to bring good news to these people and spread joy. My name is Natalia, and I’ve been serving on the mission for over 6 years. All this… Read More »Kenya 11/28/2023

Kenya 11/16/2023

Hello everyone from Kenya, the “Assistance” mission. I’m eager to share with you the events happening with us. We’ve had several meetings for preteens, especially since it’s vacation time, so there are more of them. For the first time in a year, we didn’t have… Read More »Kenya 11/16/2023

Kenya 11/14/2023

Greetings to everyone! 👋😊I’m writing to you from Malindi, Kenya.I’m Marina Shkraba. We visited families, sharing the Gospel and providing food packages. We give Swahili Bibles and a book explaining the Bible. Last time, we visited a village where people said they had never heard… Read More »Kenya 11/14/2023

Kenya 06/30/23

Greetings to everyone from Kenya! Vlada Sidorchuk ministers in the slums of Dunga, in the town of Kisumu. At the mission I am responsible for social projects. I have written more than 50 responses for child sponsors in the child sponsorship project. Visited several families… Read More »Kenya 06/30/23

Kenya 06/27/23

Latest news from the mission in Malindi, Kenya, Shkraba Marina My main ministry is to the children’s prison. I teach them to draw and while they are drawing, I play an audio Bible in their Swahili language. I bought them vitamins since they eat cornmeal,… Read More »Kenya 06/27/23