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Cuba 04/10/23

We would like to share an update on our ministries this past week. We held a Bible school class with children. There is a regular Luz Vida y Amor ministry that works with pregnant women who wanted an abortion. We thank IMOSE for the help… Read More »Cuba 04/10/23

Cuba 04/01/23

This is the faraway island of Cuba! We are very happy to share with you the report of the past week’s work. First, we want to share the great news that we were able to find and purchase the washing machine we so desperately needed… Read More »Cuba 04/01/23

Cuba 03/27/23

The Island of Cuba is in touch. Here are some of the highlights of the week: Our kindergarten ministry: “Christian Home. Sunday Bible school ministry to children in various church mission areas: 1. Felix Pen 2. Missionary point: “El Kanei. 3. Bible school in the… Read More »Cuba 03/27/23

Cuba 11/13/22

Hello everyone from the island of Cuba. Despite the difficulties that the whole of Cuba is experiencing, and this is the lack of electricity, the lack of the Internet, and the difficulties with food and transportation, our teams continue to do their job and develop… Read More »Cuba 11/13/22

Cuba 10/24/22

Greetings to all members of the group from distant Cuba. We are very happy to be able to get in touch with you again. Last week we were unable to publish our report due to the fact that we had practically no internet and there… Read More »Cuba 10/24/22

Cuba 10/10/22

Welcome to the island of Cuba, province of Santiago de Cuba We want to share the good news. After a strong hurricane last week that damaged many structures across the country, there was no electricity for several days. But we didn’t stop our work. The… Read More »Cuba 10/10/22

Cuba 09/26/22

Welcome, dear friends! greetings from distant and sunny Cuba! We are very glad that we can serve the Lord together with you! This week we had many interesting events: a leadership conference was held in the city of Havana. It was a special time when… Read More »Cuba 09/26/22

Cuba 09/18/22

The island of Cuba is on the line. We welcome all members of the group and sincerely thank everyone for their support and help! In the East of the country in the city of Santiago, our team continues its active work. This week we took… Read More »Cuba 09/18/22

Cuba 09/11/22

Greetings, in touch Havana, Cuba. We want to inform you that all our teams and volunteers support the mission of IMOCE in prayer. The school year has begun in Cuba and the children have already gone to school, but “HAPPY TIME” continues its work. This… Read More »Cuba 09/11/22

Cuba 09/04/22

HAVANA We welcome all participants in this blessed group! Again you are welcomed by distant and sunny cube! First of all, we want to thank all the sponsors and volunteers for support in the work of the mission! So the summer ended and the holidays… Read More »Cuba 09/04/22