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Mexico 01/16/23

Greetings to everyone in this group from Guaymas, Mexico. This week we continue the “Not Forgotten” project. We started the week at Angelito’s. He is 5 years old and has muscular atrophy that prevents him from walking. Thanks to the IMOCE mission, they were able… Read More »Mexico 01/16/23

Mexico 01/09/23

Greetings from Mexico from the city of Guaymas, dear brothers, and sisters. First of all, we want to wish all the missionaries and those who support our mission a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, we hope that in this new year, God will… Read More »Mexico 01/09/23

Mexico 12/04/22

Blessings to all, greetings from Guaymas, Mexico. Not forgotten project: While visiting Mario’s family (he suffers with blindness, schizophrenia and other disabilities) we couldn’t help but notice the openness and the smiles they greet us with. Sitting across the room, sharing the gospel we notice… Read More »Mexico 12/04/22

Mexico 11/21/22

Two new families were added to the not forgotten project this week one of which was a young mom with two kids who just escaped an abusive relationship. We were able to bring some basic necessities such as food and hygiene products. When we were… Read More »Mexico 11/21/22

Mexico 11/14/22

Greetings to all, God has blessed us with another productive week in Guaymas Mexico. Our mission was to expand the territory where we preach the gospel and support newly established churches. We were working with the group that came last week. God has allowed us… Read More »Mexico 11/14/22

Mexico 10/31/22

Greetings to all from Guaymas Mexico! We kicked off this week with the Non Forgotten Project. Antonio is a middle aged male that lives alone and has multiple disabilities. When we payed him a visit we woud bring basic necessities but he was more grateful… Read More »Mexico 10/31/22

Mexico 10/24/22

Good evening, greetings to all from Mexico. This week our team started off with helping the local church to pour in concrete for an expansion project for the kids ministry. For the kids ministry, we were preparing for the “No to Holloween” event by making… Read More »Mexico 10/24/22

Mexico 10/17/22

Hi all, greetings from Mexico. We started the week by assisting another missions group “Huella de impacto” to assist post-flood damaged neighborhoods and homes by helping distribute beds and mattresses to those who were in need. We visited the mens and womens rehab centers, “Dios… Read More »Mexico 10/17/22

Mexico 10/10/22

Greetings from Guaymas Mexico, We had yet another productive and blessed week. We started the week off working with the kids ministry where our team was in charge of preparing dinner after the lesson that was held. We prepared plov and we had some fruits… Read More »Mexico 10/10/22

Mexico 09/26/22

Hello beloved brothers and sisters. Greetings from Guaymas Mexico 🇲🇽! We are back with our weekly report. I am currently back in Cuba supporting my mother and the Cuban Happy time team. Abby is still in Mexico continuing the work and she will have several… Read More »Mexico 09/26/22