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Our goals for the children we serve:

Get involved:

By sharing a month of your life and your home with a child you can make an impact that lasts a lifetime! We understand not everyone can fill the role of host family so we would like to invite you to be involved using the gifts and resources God has blessed you with, please fill out the appropriate application below or contact us directly:

About the project:

Working together with local churches one oblast at a time, we hope to be an extension of the reach of their ministries to families torn apart by war. Each child is carefully picked, with attention to their current psychological state to make sure they will receive maximum benefit from this program. As soon as the group is formed and we have found qualified parents ready to open their hearts here in America, they will embark on a trip to Poland to file for their Visas.

We hope this small but challenging trip across the border will be an exciting experience and give them more time to bond with their supervisors. During the waiting period the children will gather at church to learn English, we hope that this will give them an opportunity to get closer with people from the church and prepare them for the trip. We will host a meeting on zoom where host families with the child and their parent will have a chance meet and discuss expectations for the trip. When the children arrive to America we will throw a big welcome party at the airport, then our 3-week program will start.

In the first week the child and host family will get to know each other and build the beginning of what we hope will be a positive and highly impactful relationship.

We look forward to providing a therapeutic experience for kids in the second week through sharing Gods beautiful creation here in Washington, and special moments for rest carefully planned by our team’s psychologist.

In the third week we hope to motivate them for their future by exploring interesting companies here in Washington and meeting our wonderful communities of faith and patriotic Ukrainian community. We hope that through making connections with their interests and new people, doors will open for incredible opportunities in their future and a stronger support system for the journey of healing and restoration they are on right now.

We also hope that throughout their time in America they have an opportunity to share their story, and to inspire action so that people would not forget about the most personal and highest cost of war, human life. At the end of the program, we will throw a huge celebration in honor of these children and all that they have been through, as well as to thank our community, hosts and sponsors for their valuable participation.

Finally, when the children return home, we hope that they will return with more support, the churches in Ukraine will have been working with their remaining parent or guardian during the time of their trip and will continue to faithfully serve the family as long as they should need. We hope that though witnessing the love of Christ in action, the children and their parent will pursue a relationship with God so that He can perfectly complete all healing in their hearts and give them true hope.

Why is this project so important?

There is power in unity. It is very true that there are incredible projects in Ukraine that address the needs of children struggling with this grief they should never have to know. However, there are thousands of children in this position, and we believe that as it is written in James 1:27 that it is our responsibility as Christians to take care of orphans and windows in their suffering, and 1 John 3:18 that our love should not be just words and talk, it must be true love, which shows itself in action. We have a chance today to act, and to care for these children in their time of need. We want to carry this burden alongside with other organizations hosting similar projects both in Ukraine and around the world because together we can make a difference!

Rest. While we cannot offer the children a healing sanatorium in the Carpathian Mountains, we can offer them our peaceful skies, and rest surrounded by a compassionate community and the beautiful nature we enjoy so much here in Washington.

Sometimes, big changes open doors for breakthrough. Through a 3-week trip, in a new environment we hope that each child who participates will have a significant amount of time with people who truly care for their future, we believe that this kind of care from complete strangers is what Jesus was talking about in Matthew 25:40, it’s not necessarily about reaching as many as possible, but deeply reaching the ones we can.

Brining these families to Christ. This program requires lots of preparation within Ukraine which we hope will provide an opportunity draw the children and their parent or guardian closer to their local church.

Honoring john 15:13. If the parent of this child laid their life down for the future of the country, and for the future of this child, we believe it is our responsibility as supporters of Ukraine to bring glory to the hero’s by making sure that those closest to them have the support they truly need.

A chance to inspire. We want to use this culture of opportunity in America to inspire these children to dream about their futures outside of war. And we hope that in these moments of inspiring their passions and creativities they will inspire those around them to continue to support Ukraine and partake in the victory.

Meet our team: