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As a result of sponsorship and caring people who empathize with the Ukrainian people, the service of the IMOCE mission in Ukraine began and continues with God’s help to this day. At the moment, 4 branches have been created in Ukraine and 6 teams serve. With your support, we have the opportunity to continue serving in Ukraine and carrying the gospel. God bless you!

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Serving the widows

Over the years, we have visited women who, due to various circumstances, became widows. A lot fell on their shoulders: children, work, everyday life, all this with a heavy experience of grief and many questions to God. From time to time we came to visit them, brought food sets, communicated and prayed for them, but we did not have a separate ministry for such women, but God spoke to our hearts to give more attention to these sisters, so that it would be whole serving our mission.

the joy of Easter

Spring is the time of the beautiful and bright holiday of the Resurrection of Christ. Children love him very much, but perhaps they do not fully understand, so our immediate task was to convey to children what Easter is.


The HAPPY TIME project is an evangelistic project for children that have visited many parts of Ukraine, missionary trips with a specially designed program for children. More than 15,000 children go through this project every year.


Visiting orphanages, boarding schools, neuropsychiatric dispensaries, with a special program, taking into account the mental and physical development of such children.

The HELP project

The HELP project is to assist regions that have suffered as a result of natural disasters, fires, floods, and hostilities. For 2020, they were able to assist after the flood of Chernivtsi. Ivano-Frankivsk region, as well as rebuilt from scratch 7 houses suffered from a fire in the East of Ukraine.


Many people live in poverty or below the poverty line, the decision was to collect a food package for such families for $ 8. Over the past years, more than 20 thousand grocery bags have been distributed.

Humanitarian aid

47 containers have already been sent to Ukraine with the help of clothes, shoes, furniture, means for the disabled, hygiene products, diapers, and much more

Adaptation Center "LITTLE MOTHER"

Assisting mothers with children who find themselves in very difficult living conditions, have experienced all kinds of violence. They are provided with housing, food, psychological support. The goal is to acquaint with the Lord, help these mothers to keep their children, and learn to live anew.


After summer projects, we interestingly offer teenagers a Bible study for them, communicate with peers, and answer any questions.