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Ukraine 06/28/23

Children’s Center “Nadiya” in Lubny. Thanks to the IMOCE Mission, the children at the “Nadiya” Children’s Center in Lubny have a new, large refrigerator. This is very important in this heat! Thank you, friends!!! And the teachers instill in the children a love for the… Read More »Ukraine 06/28/23

Ukraine 06/24/23

Greetings, friends, news from Ukraine Our team went on a trip to the villages in Kherson and Mykolaiv regions that suffered from the Kakhovka disaster. People were very happy to get water and food. This week was very productive again. Our mission was invited to… Read More »Ukraine 06/24/23

Ukraine 06/21/23

Greetings from the “Children’s Center Pilgrim Republic” in Mariupol, which is currently in Germany. The children have successfully completed the school year, and some of them had health problems. Summer is the favorite time for children, and we try to give every child the opportunity… Read More »Ukraine 06/21/23

Ukraine 06/21/23

Today we want to share the events of last week’s project “Little Mother”. Every Wednesday we have our usual “Wednesday Prayer Service” in the morning praying for Ukraine. On the weekends we spend a lot of time in nature. We go on small hikes in… Read More »Ukraine 06/21/23

Ukraine 06/11/23

Hello friends, Ukraine 🇺🇦 is in touch. The work of our missionaries continues and unfortunately, we have not very good news. Perhaps you have already heard what the Russian aggressors did – they blew up the New Kakhovka hydroelectric power station, this is one of… Read More »Ukraine 06/11/23

Ukraine 06/04/23

Hello everyone, Ukraine would like to share about the ministry in the central region. Despite the constant air raids, we are moving forward, with many thanks to you for your support. Refugees continue to come to the central part of the city, these are people… Read More »Ukraine 06/04/23

Ukraine 05/24/23

Greetings from the Pilgrim Republic Children’s Rehabilitation Center.  We thank the IMOSE mission and all the people who care for us for their prayers. We are finishing the school year, and many of our children have pedagogical neglect, so for them studying is no longer… Read More »Ukraine 05/24/23

Ukraine 05/24/23

We greet you, dear brothers and sisters, our benefactors, sponsors, blessed Anatoly Petrovich, you are now in Ukraine, and may the Lord protect you and all those who protect us and those who help protect us and pray for us. As you already know, the… Read More »Ukraine 05/24/23