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Ukraine 02/12/2024

Previous Next Greetings, friends! Ukraine expresses gratitude to each of you for your incredible support! We want to share the work that our teams are doing in Ukraine, specifically in the Odessa region, in the city of Balta, and surrounding areas. Every Saturday, children’s Christian… Read More »Ukraine 02/12/2024

Piligrim 12/06/2023

Hello from the pilgrims! With prayers and best wishes during these pre-holiday days from the Republic Pilgrim, the Mariupol Children’s Center 🙏❤️, which is currently in Germany. The children are eagerly awaiting and preparing for the Christmas season! The pilgrims made Christmas cookies for the… Read More »Piligrim 12/06/2023

Ukraine 12/04/2023

Welcome, friends! We continue our ministry in Ukraine, and we are very grateful to everyone for their support and finances! In the Baltsky region, Odessa Oblast, work is being done with disabled individuals, visiting those who cannot move around. Every Sunday, there is a children’s… Read More »Ukraine 12/04/2023

Ukraine 11/13/2023

Ukraine continues to report in. We want to share the work happening in our IMOCE mission branches. The team at the Baltic branch provides assistance to those in need, including disabled individuals and lonely elderly people. They visit most of them at home, providing whatever… Read More »Ukraine 11/13/2023