Congratulations friends, IMOCE Ukraine is in touch, by the grace of God our teams are alive and thanks to your support we can serve. Now the third wave of evacuation from the east has begun, and people who come to us say that it’s just hell there now. We meet such transit groups every day…

These people were taken from the basement of Siversk, some of them ate hot for the first time in two weeks …… We continue to distribute food packages, hygiene products, diapers, and baby food to refugees. It is to those people who have found refuge in our city of Alexandria.

Everyone who comes has a story. This woman came from near Kharkiv when the fighting began, she and her 3 children were comforted, and she was recently told that she had nowhere to go. A shell hit the house…. This is little Matvey, he was born the day before the war…. After the meeting, they hid in the subway and later went to Alexandria. We give out clothes and shoes because people came only for what was on them, so they need them.

This man’s name is Yuri. He was without a leg before the war. He learned to live with it and set up a farm for himself. He did not sit and wait until someone came to cook, wash clothes, or something like that. Hearing about the possibility of mastering the craft of beekeeping, he decided to use it. Went to Dymer, Kyiv region. There was training on the basis of the rehabilitation center. And here came the terrible date of 24.02.2022. It was too late to evacuate. Communication lost. Ours was shot down; Russia was advancing. There were 20 of us there. It is not clear in which direction to run. Fight, shootout, a bunch of “fragments”. All of us were taken to Kyiv by our soldiers. There were many trains, but none in our direction.

I was put on a train to Warsaw. It was already March 1. At that time, Poland did not yet know what to do with such an influx of refugees. I found myself there alone. One in a wheelchair unaccompanied, without acquaintances. I was there for two weeks. I had to live in a hotel or in a car. Then they took me to a nursing home where I spent two more Sundays. Longing for my home cut my heart. In addition, gangrene began to grow. Those doctors don’t know what to do with me. I do not have Polish insurance. At the beginning of the war, there was no such mechanism and benefits as there are now. Polish doctors waved their hands. And I decided to go home… “- he remembers how his war started.

He is currently in Alexandria Hospital. Doctors predict a quick discharge home because in Ukraine the air also heals because it is their own, native.

We want to thank you all for your support!!!! It is so valuable for us that in difficult times for us, you stay with us!!!!!! Thank you for all the finances, for that we can serve and do works of faith! May God bless you abundantly!

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