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Love God and serve people – the motto of the IMOCE mission, which is based not on words, but deeds. For 12 years, missionary trips to Mexico are made 3-4 times a year every year. Each trip is a separate story, these are teams of 50 – 70 people, serving children, helping the sick, old and lonely. During this time, with God’s help, the mission was able to partially restore and build from scratch 5 prayer houses and two orphanages

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In 2008, God revealed to Anatoly Kolomiets that the time had come to go to the slums. Where life is filled with pain, where souls are mired in darkness and sin. It’s time to go to Mexico! A team was assembled and moved with great faith to preach the word of God. And God blessed. During this time, with God’s help, the mission was able to partially restore and build from scratch 5 prayer houses and two orphanages.

Particular attention is paid to working with orphans; many children have already grown up and received water baptism and attend church. A special project for teenagers – orphans “Life” was developed. Teenagers are taken from the common orphanage and placed in a family-type missionary orphanage, where, under the supervision of the souls of the trustees, where they prepare for life: they learn to cook, manage finances, work, and grow spiritually. But in working with orphans, missionaries do not disregard other children.

Despite the quarantine, a missionary trip was made in December 2020, where new horizons for ministry were considered, as well as plans for March to make a huge missionary trip with a team of 50-60 people. The purpose of this trip is to preach the gospel and to build an orphanage for boys. This need touched very much the heart of Anatoly. When he saw how many boys live, sleep, eat, just in the open air … these are children who have nowhere to go. There is nowhere to live and no one to take care of them … but like all children, they need care.

Mexico is a country where the number of orphans and children who are left on the streets is growing very strongly. All this is connected with the sale of drugs, alcohol, illegal earnings, where adults die, drink too much and simply disappear without a trace, all this leads to an increase in orphans, sex of orphans, and as a result, these children from childhood end up in gangs, where many do not live to come of age. At the beginning of our ministry in Mexico, we planned to do missionary tours, do deeds of virtue and preach the Gospel, but we saw children, the eyes of orphans, we saw the conditions in which children live – it was just a box in which the child slept, some of them just spend the night on the ground, for days go hungry, especially in such conditions it is difficult for girls to survive. Our God is the God who cares for the orphans, and He showed that more needs to be done.

And many years ago it was decided to build a nursery for girls, in which they felt safe. So in the north of Mexico in the state of Sonora in the city of Guaymos, two orphanages for teenage girls were organized and built. Teenage girls study the Word of God, attend services, and many have already received water baptism. Every month, our mission supports these orphanages with food finances and in March 2021, during a mission trip, we were able to make good repairs.

In 2020, in the South of Sonora, the Ortiz ranch, the construction of an orphanage for orphans and the construction of a prayer house began, and we believe that we will see the fruit – saved hearts.

Since March 2021 in Fatima, a team has been organized that organizes the Happy Time Children’s Evangelistic Grounds, feeding children from poor families three times a week. God blesses the nations with His Word through our hands and open hearts!