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International Ministry of Charity Emmanuel!
We have been serving people since 2000!

The IMOCE mission brings peace, light, and the love of Christ to countries such as Cuba, Africa, Mexico, and Ukraine. Missionaries work in these nations, following the task of showing Christ to every person through methods inspired by Jesus Christ. Various departments, including humanitarian, psychological support, Happy Time children’s playgrounds, rehabilitation, missionary support in other countries, and church support, have been established to assist people globally. The mission encourages Christians to cooperate, urging young people to serve and share their faith.


We have been working since 2000, raising funds to support social projects implemented by churches. Our primary focus is to support the communication of local churches with people who have not yet come to God. We support the social projects undertaken by the church to introduce people to Christ and address their urgent needs that impact their safety and life. We collect humanitarian aid and transport it by containers and air shipments to Ukraine. We also embark on evangelistic trips to Mexico, Canada, Kenya, Cuba, and Ukraine.

Projects in USA


We are dedicated to bringing the love of Jesus to communities across the country. Through church openings, street evangelism, and sharing the message of Jesus, we aim to transform lives. We also run HAPPY TIME, a children’s project, and provide support to families with disabilities, as well as a special children’s home. Additionally, we assist local residents in conflict-affected and reclaimed territories. Join us in making a difference today!

Projects in Ukraine


Our mission in Kenya, as we support missionaries who are opening and developing churches in unreached areas, where people have yet to hear about God. We have also established a primary school for children in the Turkana desert. Furthermore, we provide access to clean water in communities where it is scarce. Our mission extends to supporting widows and families living in poverty. Together, let’s make a lasting impact in Kenya!


We are committed to supporting an orphanage for children without parents. Our mission also involves providing assistance to missionaries serving in rehabilitation centers and women’s shelters. In addition, we organize Happy Time children’s playgrounds and conduct street evangelism in parks. Together, let’s bring hope, love, and the message of Jesus to the people of Mexico!


Join us in IMOCE’s mission in Cuba, where we bring joy and fun to children through our Happy Time active playgrounds. We provide support to local missionaries who serve in churches, as well as assistance to widows and the sick who cannot afford essential medications. Together, let’s make a positive impact and bring hope to the people of Cuba!