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International Ministry of Charity Emmanuel!
23 years of service to people!

IMOCE mission has brought peace, light, the word and love of Christ to many countries. Cuba, Africa, Nepal, Mexico and Ukraine are the countries where our missionaries work, these are the countries that God has pointed out and blessed the ministry. The very first task is to show Christ to every person using the methods of Jesus Christ

The mission has created various departments to help people from different parts of the world: humanitarian, psychological support, Happy Time children’s playgrounds, rehabilitation, support for our missionaries in other countries, and support for churches. We are convinced that a person who has believed in Jesus Christ, a person who has been able to understand God’s grace, cannot remain silent. That is why we call on many Christians to cooperate, we call on young people to serve, to share what we have in faith!


Feed The Hungry

Our world has been living in recent times, a time of various cataclysms and civil strife, because of this, many people have become hostages of different situations – deceptions, unemployment, theft, loss of working capacity, illness, pandemic, all this has plunged people into an economic collapse. According to UN statistics, more than 60% of Ukraine’s population lives below the poverty line – lonely pensioners, orphans, widows, single mothers, disabled people, children from disadvantaged families, these are all vulnerable segments of the population. 


Humanitarian aid

For many years, a humanitarian department has been working in the IMOCE mission, over the years, 47 containers with things, shoes, equipment for the disabled, diapers, household items, hygiene products and much more have been collected and sent to Ukraine. Thousands of people in Ukraine were able to get help for themselves and their families


Evacuation is a word that so many people are afraid of, but it has affected people in Ukraine. The evacuation is still continuing, more than 10,000 people have been evacuated during that time, mostly from Donetsk, Luhansk, and Kharkiv regions, and now the evacuation from Zaporizhzhia region is underway.


Adaptation center "Little mother"

The “Little Mom” project includes two centers: a crisis center for women with children and an adaptation center (this is the second stage after the crisis center, it gives them the opportunity to try to live independently). Our ministry is aimed at preserving the biological family and helping women with children who find themselves in difficult life circumstances

"Children's Happiness"

At the moment, we have tried to cover orphanages and boarding schools for special children in Odesa and Kirovograd regions, there are more than 1000 children there, we give joy in the form of a children’s playground “Happy Time”, we conduct a program for Christmas and Easter and simply support boarding schools with humanitarian aid, orphanages, dispensaries, but this is only a small part. We are constantly looking for volunteers, finances, and prayer support for this ministry. For ourselves, we have answered the question of what children’s happiness is – it is love!

The HELP project

The HELP project is a special project when people are in trouble. In 2020 alone, Ukraine experienced three powerful shocks: an epidemic across the country and an economic crisis. Our mission could not stay away from these troubles

Serving the widows

For many years, we have been visiting women who, due to various circumstances, were united by one status – widow. They have a lot of challenges: children, work, household, and all of this with a difficult experience of grief. This ministry exists in our time, when the whole society is immersed in the hustle and bustle and there is no time to look at your neighbor, and widows need support so much. That is why we pray and develop a strategy for widows.

The joy of Easter

This project told the story of the life, death, and resurrection of Christ in a form accessible to children – an animated performance, games, Easter songs for children, memorization of the golden verse from the Bible, and, of course, sweet gifts.


The school “Viktory”

The school “Victory” has recently opened up, in the beginning of November and now the school has already numbered more than 200 students. There are four grades working, each has 50 pupils in it. The students have five lessons a day: Math, English, cost of Health, PE and their native language – Swahili.