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From the volunteers of IMOCE:

Children are dying from the shellings of once peaceful cities, apartments, entire neighborhoods are collapsing, and city squares are burning.
People are abandoning everything they have, homes and belongings, and fleeing to places they hope will be safer.
Many are filling up cars with the last of their money to go as far as the gas they can afford will take them.
Grocery stores are closed. Supermarkets are selling limited amounts of food per person.
Institutions for orphans with disabilities and orphanage homes are left in hostage-like situations.
Children are now living in cellars and bomb shelters where it is cold and damp. They understand that these measures will help save their lives.
During these difficult times, the mission of IMOCE is to help Ukrainian citizens in different regions throughout the country.
In refugee centers, we are taking those who are evacuating and have stopped for the night because it is too dangerous to drive further.
They can rest for the night, repair their cars (if needed), and drive further to safety in the morning.
Also, many people are asking for help to find places to stay in other regions that are, for now, calmer.
People are terrified and horrified.
Our missionaries are helping with evacuation and distribution.
Finances are desperately needed to help orphanages and centers for those with disabilities.

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Contact Email: alonathompson8880@outlook.com

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The International Mission IMOCE serves in many countries around the world, developing evangelistic ministries, helping children, disabled and needy people, widows, disadvantaged single mothers, orphans and everyone who finds themselves in difficult life situations. The mission has several directions:

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Our missionaries regularly find sand fleas in African children. This is an infection of the skin of the feet with sand flea larvae, which eats through the tissue of the human body. The problem can be solved through preventive measures and a systematic approach. You can write a check to ‘’IMOCE ‘’
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God blessed this summer, we are grateful to God and you friends! Each project involves very large finances and without you, without your sacrifice, we could not have done what we did - to preach the gospel

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We have seen many testimonies, tears of joy, a prayer of repentance, smiles, joy - all this gives strength to move on! We thank the Lord, thank you, thank all the volunteers, all the teams, only together we were able to make this huge project called Happy Time!