This is the village of Ivankiv, it was one of the first settlements near Kyiv, which included Russian troops. They have been under occupation for the longest time and have been severely abused. IMOSE, your food packages support people’s lives. The help of IMOSE came with the Word of God. The Word of God is included in each food package. Friends, we are sincerely grateful to you for your kind hearts! With your help, with your money, we can serve the poor people who have suffered and are suffering from the war. Very difficult for everyone! But it is very difficult for older people who have lost their house, their bed and have to spend the night with neighbors, and then what? … This woman is standing near her “house”. Or near what’s left of the house.

The woman cries and says: “A man died a year ago and there is not a single photo of him left.” Everything burned down, and she’s sorry she didn’t remember him. She’s a widow. Oh God, have mercy on the poor.

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