Greetings friends, today is Monday and Ukraine wants to share what the IMOCE team did during the week. Our branches in Ukraine in Kirovohrad and Odesa have completed the children’s project “Happy Christmas”.
God opened the door wide, we were able to conduct 30 projects, and reach more than 3,000 children and about 1,000 adults.

Despite constant rocket fire and power outages, we were able to give the children Christmas.
The local government allowed it to be held on the square, in cultural buildings, in the assembly halls of the village council.
Thanks to your finances, all the children received sweet gifts.
They also spent the Christmas holiday in the psychoneurological dispensary, and although these are people with disabilities, they watched the program with pleasure. Teams continue to serve people in great need. In the Baltic region, the boiler visited families living in terrible conditions.
We are very grateful to all of you for the opportunity to serve and give love! May God bless each of you for your open hearts!