Hello everyone from Kisumu!

My name is Vlada Sidorchuk. For almost 7 years now I have been serving on the mission ASSISTANCE, where the main vision is the cultivation of the church and the disciples of Jesus! We place great emphasis on Youth, teenagers, and children!
But, living here in the slums, we could not get past the physical needs of people who live in absolute poverty. So social projects were opened in the mission, which I try to supervise with God’s help – 1. Sponsorship of the child 2. HELP project 3. FEEDING project

These days were completely devoted to preparing for the new school year! It’s a lot of work every time. You need to meet with the parent, the student. Discuss learning details, successes, and challenges. Meet with school directors and conclude new agreements for the new academic year – agree on a list of our children in each school (and we have more than 20 schools with which we cooperate), payment procedures and other administrative issues. It takes so far all my time and nothing else. We take into account who needs a new uniform, we order from seamstresses. We buy shoes, and backpacks, whose sponsors have already been able to send support. We are starting to pay for schoolchildren, with whom everything has already been approved.

Thanks to already strong helpers, the HELP AND FEEDING project continues its work every day! We feed, treat, visit and pray! Now several of my wards are in the hospital, but because of my pregnancy, I try not to visit the hospital. Our church members help me and in doing so learn to serve one another. Boy Fredrik today again needs prayer support for healing! After suffering from meningitis, convulsions are sometimes tormented. And also sister (grandmother) Florence. Infection of the blood through the wound and with high blood pressure is also in the hospital. Lord Healer!

And overseeing the renovation of our kitchen for the FEEDING project. For 1.5 years, she has served us well. She fed more than 1,000 people every week. At first, they opened it in a draft version, so now it’s time to “pat it up”. We also try to do everything on our own, so that it is cheaper. I make calculations and negotiate with potential assistant employees. I am looking for funding for this.
We need a kitchen in good shape because it is hygienic and of course, we don’t need extra checks and problems with “above”.
We will also cook on coals, so we think over the hood and safety!