Greetings from Mexico from the city of Guaymas, dear brothers, and sisters. First of all, we want to wish all the missionaries and those who support our mission a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, we hope that in this new year, God will continue to bless you and give you all the strength to continue to serve in the mission field.

In the second week of last month, we had a group of missionaries who came from Washington to serve here in Guaymas for a week. We visited a men’s and women’s rehabilitation center preaching the word of God and praying for them.

We have also visited disabled and elderly people who have been abandoned by their families or have very few resources, we have seen tears of happiness on their faces and gratitude to God when talking to them that God is their hope and that although they are physically alone God has not forgotten them. We supported them with food bags, medicines, personal hygiene items, wheelchairs, and walkers, and most of all by spending time with them and spreading the Good News.

We visited the Guaymas prison again and this time we had the opportunity to enter the women’s section, share our testimony, preach the word of God, pray for them and give New Testaments

At night we held evangelistic meetings, we felt God’s presence with us, and we were witnesses of many lives that accepted Christ.

In recent days, we have visited the homes of the elderly living alone and the disabled.

We spent time with them on these holidays, when everyone reunites with their families, and they spend it alone. We shared with them the true meaning of Christmas, which is Christ, our Savior. We prayed with them. Some needed minor repairs to their homes that they couldn’t handle on their own, but we were able to help them with that.

During this year we have seen great changes in them, we have seen the result in prayer, also that their faith in God has increased, and some have begun to attend church. We saw tears of gratitude and happiness, smiles and life transformed.

We thank everyone who prays and supports missionary work in Mexico. We believe in God and believe that this is just the beginning of ministry in this country. We ask for your prayers that God will send more missionaries to Mexico and ensure that we continue to minister to these people who are in such need and have an open heart for Christ.