Hello friends, we would like to share the latest news from Ukraine, thanks be to God we are moving and thanks be to God we are helping those in need.
News from the southern region, Odesa region, Balta. Balta.
The team is working with children and teenagers. At the moment there are four Christian clubs in different localities.
These are clubs where children learn about Christ while playing, 90% of them are children from unbelieving families.
In the office in Balta, repairs continue, although not very quickly, but the team is still working.
We made a gate for the emergency exit.
We poured liquid on the floor in one of the classrooms. Girls worked) boys helped)
We continue to work on the office renovation. Now we are tiling the floor. We have already laid the floor in the kitchen. We are equipping the kitchen next.
In western Ukraine, in the village of Zabolottsi, Lviv region, there is our hospice, a place for lonely old people and the disabled, which is supported by the IMOCE mission.
In the hospice, people are divided into several categories: bedridden and walking.
It is not always easy with the bedridden, as these people need special care, because they need to be fed, washed, dressed, they are helpless, just like children.
A special time for them is the service, when everyone who can gathers in a large room, praises God, sings and prays together.
The hospice team began working with disadvantaged families, helping with food, clothes, and most importantly, advice.
We are very grateful to everyone who helps Ukraine, who together with us will take care of the poor, extending their hands.
Thank you for your open hearts!