Greetings everyone 👋😊
I am writing to you from the city of Malindi, Kenya. Shkraba Marina.
In these 2 weeks we had a joyful news! We were given a car which I have been praying for for a long time. Since you can do more with a car and go further.

We went to visit missionary friends in the Turkana Desert, 1180km away. It was a long drive, but well worth it. Since we drove back in our own car.
But there we did not waste time, watched how our friends serve, shared experiences. They joined us for a conference in the Turkana tribe. Where there is still polygamy and many other pagan traditions.
We found a very poor school. It’s in the village of Ganda. It’s where the poorest children in the village go to school. Many can’t pay, or pay a fraction. There are 136 children. They rent the building.
The detective said they have a very big need for lunches because there are children who are hungry all day. Sometimes they cry because of it, and as a result, it’s hard for them to study.
We hope we can do something to help them.
We visited the families with Gospel preaching and food packages.
Thank you so much to Imoce Mission, to all the sponsors who help us in a continuous way! Praying for you and blessings to you! 🙏♥️