Hello friends, Ukraine 🇺🇦 is in touch. The work of our missionaries continues and unfortunately, we have not very good news.

Perhaps you have already heard what the Russian aggressors did – they blew up the New Kakhovka hydroelectric power station, this is one of the biggest disasters, scientists say that in terms of consequences, it is the second Chornobyl.

Currently, the situation is critical: Kherson, part of Mykolaiv and part of Dnipro regions are without water. That’s why we went to Kherson to bring people water and food.

The water flooded most of the city and the ground started to sink. The price of drinking water has risen 10 times!  People cannot simply afford to buy it.

To save some money, we bought empty bottles, filled them with water, and took them to Kherson.

We are very grateful to all of you that you are not indifferent to us, and that you are helping us to go through this difficult path together, we thank God for all of you!