Hello everyone, Ukraine is on the line, and we want to share some news.

We are preparing a trip to the Kherson region and are faced with the problem that we cannot buy water bottles anywhere, so we made an announcement on social networks and on television to ask people to bring us bottles.

We pour water into the empty bottles and take them to Kherson.

Our next trip will not be to Kherson itself, but to the villages that have been flooded, where people live. Some villages are half flooded, half residential and people did not want to evacuate.

It’s a war, so our teams must work on several projects at once.

There is constant shelling in Ukraine, but we do not forget about children and whenever possible we organize Happy Time, last week our teams in Alexandria, Balta and Berdichev organized playgrounds for children.

For us, the main task is to preach the Gospel and, of course, to give happiness to children.

Tetanus continues to spread among the disabled, so in Balta the team sincerely thanks the entire humanitarian department for the things that are in the container, especially for the wheelchairs.

They were able to provide people with disabilities with bandages, walkers, and canes.

Our philanthropist in western Ukraine continues to take care of lonely old people.

The goal of the hospice is to bring the elderly closer to the Lord. God.

And they are already beginning to preach Christ to each other.

The team from the Berdychiv branch went to the east to bring help to our defenders.

Dear friends, we are all grateful for your help, for your sincerity, for your finances, thank you for being with us and walking this difficult path with us!