Greetings from Mexico dear friends! We would like to share our recent updates of what is going on in Mexico. Tuesday we had a Bible class and dinner for the local children at the church.  I would like to share what two of the girls were telling me about their family. They stay at home with their older sister who is 17 because their mom works all and picks up extra shifts to work at night also. They said they come to the church to eat because their sister doesn’t make food for them. Please support us in prayer so we will have the opportunity to continue serving the children and feeding them physically and spiritually.

This week we had planned the kids program Thursday and Happy time Saturday but Thursday morning when we got back home from prayer it’s started raining really hard. It continued raining Friday and Saturday and today. This is the most it’s rained in 10 years. The rain has caused lots of flash flooding since Thursday and it is continuing to flood more and more areas. The water is coming down from up north since Guaymas  lower than the other areas since it is a port city. Lots of areas have been evacuated due to the heavy flooding.

At this moment Guaymas is isolated because the highway up north and down south are not passable because of the damage from the flooding. Please pray for Guaymas and the areas around here that are suffering great losses. May God open the doors and provide finances so we can help the people here.

We are very grateful with God that we can be part of IMOCE, because through this work we can help the people in need but the most important thing is that we can tell them about the good news of salvation. May God bless you all

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