Greetings from Kenya, Kisumu, Dunga. We continue every day to do what the Lord has put in our hearts, to conquer all peoples by faith.

This week I continued to teach the guys from the Year for God project. We understand how to live and walk in the spirit.

We started to move into the vision of discipleship, so in the morning my team and I also go through the teaching and study the Word. And on Thursday I meet with my four.

I also conducted Leadership for youth Home groups and conducted a Homegroup.

There have been many face-to-face meetings with people and leaders this week. Each meeting is a wonderful time when the Lord instructs, corrects and inspires people to deny themselves and follow Him.

There was a meeting with a guy, and then visited his family. He was baptized as a child into the Catholic Church. They asked his mother to support him in his desire to be baptized now that he had made the decision to follow Jesus. Mom was sick. They prayed and then brought medicines.

Another trip with Baraka, he’s from our shelter. They took him to the city, ate at a restaurant, talked, and bought what he needed from things. Children need attention and care.

We do this with our own money, thank you that we can serve with our own finances.

This Sunday she served in the Church with the Word “Principles of the Kingdom of God” And after a meeting with those who want to become members of the Church.

Thank you for holding our hands here on a mission. Thank you for building His kingdom together. We are the Body. Together it is possible. May the Lord richly bless you and your ministry! We love and pray for you!

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