We want to share how the week went in our two branches: Havana and Santiago de Cuba. In the city of Havana, this week, special work was carried out to care for the children’s park, which the church built on the site of garbage dumping.

The church put a lot of effort into its arrangement, this place has become a happy place for many children, and it is in this park that we often hold happy time events. New trees were planted, our children’s devices were updated and of course, we always try to make the park look attractive and beautiful. Every day we open it for children so that they can relax and have fun. Also this week we held events in a remote area of the city called Gunabakova.

We were very pleased to work there, despite the fact that we experienced difficulties even to get there since this area is very remote from the place of our localization, but our faithful motorcycle, as always, does not let us down and we received support from the brothers of our church, who served us as their personal transport.

At this event, the children were able to rejoice and enjoy delicious ice cream, which was prepared thanks to the help of the IMOCE mission, as milk and sugar were purchased, and also this car was bought some time ago with the help of the mission. The children had a lot of fun. And Many adults and children answered the call and accepted Jesus into their hearts. Everyone also received gifts and literature.

In our mission branch in the city of Santiago de Cuba, there is also a lot of work going on. Our program to support pregnant women and young mothers continue. Our needlewomen sisters sew clothes for mothers and children and also make sandals for newborns from FOMI fabric.

Also this week, a one-day camp for children and teenagers was held, and our team took an active part in this. We helped to buy sweets, cookies, and corn.

The members of our team testified about how the evangelization took place in the province of Barakova, how the Lord acted in a special way during this trip, and how many children and adults heard the good news and accepted Jesus into their hearts.

Together we are doing a huge and important work to expand the Kingdom of God on Earth. We are grateful to everyone who supports our ministry and ministry in other countries! be blessed

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