Praise the Lord my friends!
God has been so good, despite all the changes and new administration in the government office, God has favored us! Agua Y Más appreciates your support. DIF in Guaymas awards the leaders and gives recognition for their hard work! First Aid training… we were waiting for our new leader Sofia.
We are so happy to have her here with our young girls. Our Dear Regina and more, so thrilled to have you here, full of love and joy.
Thank you for loving us! Amazing moments with HAPPY TIME! Special moments… just listening to God’s WORD and good news to the World. Experiencing God and loving people!
So beautiful! We love you IMOCE!!! Our little superstars!
Keep us in your prayers, please! Our learning from Regina for Happy Time, a very special event, can’t wait for our first HAPPY TIME in Guaymas for Agua Y Mas, booked for October 30.
Praise God! Help us pray that hearts surrender to JESUS! Come back to Mexico Regina… we loved your encouragement!

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