Greetings to all from faraway Cuba! Peace be with you, dear brothers and sisters! Thank you all for your kind hearts, for your prayers and support. Praise the Lord that together we can serve and glorify His name. All churches are already open in Cuba this week, Praise the Lord for that!
In the village of Caney, in the province of Santiago de Cuba, a celebratory service was held on Saturday in connection with the opening of the church. The youth and the entire leadership team prepared very hard for this event. And in the evening the church was filled with small and large, they came to glorify the Lord from near and from far, so great joy for all that the temple is already open. Also, this church is preparing to reopen a nursery and a kindergarten, and a school for children next week.
How wonderful our Lord is that he gives us this opportunity to serve and glorify Him. The church in Havana already has serviced several times a week.
And also various ministries resume their work, such as preparation for water baptism, street evangelism, work with children.
September 29th was the birthday of Esther, one of our smallest team members. All the guys from the team and the neighboring children came with joy to congratulate and bless her.
We thank the Lord that we can continue our ministries to the children. The park will now be open every day and also at the end of the week, after Sunday services there is always a special event for the little ones.
All equipment is ready for use, the team has worked hard and prepared it for the start of new events. We thank all the sponsors and everyone who supports the IMOCE mission in different countries, bless our dear ones. You are always in our prayers.

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