Hello to all from Kenya, Kisumu, Dunga. Thank God, continue to serve Him with you. This week continued to serve people and leaders personally. Recently, the family was on the verge of divorce. After communication, in the family, everything became better. We continue to work with them.

Prayed for one woman. It was a very powerful release. It was very difficult for her to forgive people. After prayer received the baptism of the Holy Spirit

The guy came for help with buying textbooks. Thank God for the program “Sponsorship”. We were able to help him.

Visited family from our church. The mother is raising two children by herself. Needs help with school fees. They talked about the Word, the Holy Spirit. Received the baptism in the Holy Spirit.

She preached at the youth ministry about God’s love.

Praise God for everything He is doing here in people’s lives. People are hungry for God, asking for books, and signing up for meetings. Thank you for holding our hands, it’s a huge blessing for me to be here and serve the Lord. May the Lord bless every partner who supports us financially and prayerfully!

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