We want to tell you all that we can do with you in Ukraine. It has been 61 days, two months of tears, two months of sleepless nights, and two months of uninterrupted prayers since the beginning of the full-scale invasion of Ukraine, but we are very grateful to you friends for your support and your prayers. Of Ukraine. The Baltic team not only distributes food packages but also actively evangelizes

the team from Alexandra continues to move in several directions:

– night transfer – every night we take people to the evacuation trains;

– issuance of food packages for refugees who stopped in our city, we distributed about 2000 food packages.

-helps and advises refugees on how to register in order to receive at least some payments.

– we are laying logistics (route) for people who need to get to the border.

– we visit the orphanage for the disabled, and also started tetanus with children with disabilities in Alexandria

– issuance of clothing and hygiene products for refugees.

– we are also looking for humanitarian aid for the churches of Alexandria, more than 50 tons of humanitarian aid have already been brought to our city.

– we evacuate people, pick up people and take them from the Dnieper to Chernivtsi, Lviv, and Ternopil.

– we continue to receive people for the night, to resettle them, more than 4000 thousand people, we were able to provide accommodation.

Congratulated children with disabilities on Easter, and presented Bibles, candies, and diapers.

Issuance of food packages, people who come to us receive food and Christian literature

Friends have a lot of work and we are very grateful to you for being with us !!!! What has not left us in this grief is that you are helping us so much!!!

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