Greetings to all! Thank God and I can share, and the week did not go in vain.

In my state of health, I limited myself a little in work for a while. And always at such moments, it is pleasing that there are already local leaders in this ministry who work without reminders and without control! In the project SPONSORSHIP OF THE CHILD, HELP, AND FEEDING everything goes without interruption! I try to spend a lot of time at the computer to maintain communication between the children’s sponsors and the children’s families. Providing photo reports and sending mission news for the last quarter.

This week I want to talk more about the FEEDING project! There are more than 130 people in the project today! Unfortunately, we are forced to add children and the elderly to get a hot portion of food at least once a day. Elections were held in Kenya a week ago, and this is not a quiet time in the country, the city and shops are closed. People live weeks in fear. Some were left without work for this time and came to ask to feed at least the children.

This project is not designed to feed everyone. This project is only for orphans, the elderly, the disabled, and large families where the parent cannot feed the children. To feed 130 people with a hot dinner, we need 37 dollars a day!

This project does not have permanent partners, so I am always looking for money. We do not plan to close. On the contrary, we want to open the same canteen in a new church in a new district.

  1. This is a job for church members. They are not only on the payroll but also serve each other through this service lot.
  2. It is always the answer to the need of people in a difficult situations.

People already know that we do not give money, but it is difficult to refuse food, especially for those who are not so protected by either the state or the family.

I am grateful to God that He gave this idea to serve people with both spiritual and physical bread!

And today, those who sorted through the slops and ate from them can come to church and receive the care of the Father! Those who are hungry go to the HOUSE OF PRAYER and are saturated with the Word and a hot supper!

I am very grateful to everyone who supports the missionaries, me personally! Service here on earth! We really appreciate and thank God for you and your service to us!

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