Greetings to all, I want to share how the week went in Kitale, Kenya. Sports ministry is gaining momentum and now I spend training every day for 2 hours. Boys and girls’ alternate day after day. Sometimes we do joint and in total there are about 20 people in training.

I see great results in the fact that children learn discipline and work in a team. I also observe how they change from the inside, and how God works on their characters. We continue to bless families from the slums of Shima Latev with beds. This month is especially joyful for me, as three of my athletes have been blessed and now do not sleep on the floor. Incredible thanks for the financial support.

Carried out the project “HAPPY TIME”. I was responsible for media, photo/video, and Instagram stories. She also helped at the cotton candy station. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your support and the opportunity to serve in Kenya.

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