I greet you beloved in the Lord. Africa, Kenya,  Kitale are in touch with you. This week we spent Happy time. I helped in the preparation for departure and stood at the station with a trampoline. And my main and permanent ministry is Sunday school. My task is to issue materials for teachers and everything else that is not needed for the lesson. And checking the process of the lesson itself. And my second service, for which I am responsible, is the “feeding children from Khrushchev” project. – It is important for us that the children are not hungry.

– Building relationships with children.

– Engage with children and spend time with them.

– To be informed when problems or needs arise in children.

And help in their decision.

– It is also important that all children are in school.

And they attended Sunday school, teenage ministry, or youth ministry.

– And to know the conditions in which children grow, and how we can improve them a little, or how we can help them. Thank you all for your blessings and support in God’s work.

Blessings to you!!!

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