Good afternoon, dear members of the group. We cordially welcome you from Germany, where we arrived from Mariupol.

On German soil, we continue our service to God and our people. This month I decided to dedicate the analysis of the Word to the parables of the New Testament. On Monday, we dismantled the first parable – “about the prodigal son”, it was conducted for us by my friend Lilia Chernous from America, who came to visit us.

We continue to conduct interesting master classes in fine arts, using unusual techniques in art. This is good therapy for children and mothers. A separate blessing and answer to our prayers was the arrival of our pastor, Alexander Matyushin, for several days. Everyone was crying with happiness. God is good and merciful!!!! The children prepared a lot of gifts for the arrival! We continue our daily morning prayer for Peace in Ukraine, for our fellow civilians, for volunteers, and for all those who were captured. We bless the entire Mission “IMOCE” of all missionaries and workers in the field of God, we pray for Anatoly Petrovitch, who is now serving in Ukraine.

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