Hello everyone from Kisumu, Kenya!

My name is Natalia Tunguskova-Onguko, and my family and I serve in the Pokot tribe. I wanted to share with you the latest happenings.

I’m happy to inform you that four students from the Bible school have completed the two-year program and received their diplomas! It was a real challenge for some, especially for Grace, who had never attended school, didn’t know literacy, and couldn’t read! But with God’s help and the support of other students, she managed to pass all the tests and reach the finish line. The church celebrated with us, and for us, it’s another opportunity to encourage the nomads – the Pokot people – to pursue education.

Also, before the graduation, the school administration sent three interns to us, where they participated in mission service. It was a great blessing for us and the community. During this time, we maximized our efforts for evangelization both at homes and in the latest planted church, where there is a lot of witchcraft and pagan traditions. Witches tell many lies about the church and keep people in fear not to lose their income. But we believe that change will come because Jesus is the light!

Finally, all the state inspections of the girls’ center have passed, and it has started functioning. We also conducted interviews and have a working staff!

The Director of the Children’s Department in the Pokot region visited for the final inspection.

Twice this month, the team visited the police department (child protection unit) where girls saved from circumcision or child marriage are kept until the court’s decision. We visited to help them with hygiene items and feed the children, as the conditions there are terrible – not suitable for traumatized children. We are happy that we can now provide shelter and care for these girls. Seven girls have already settled into our center!

I also purchased stationery for the next school year. After the Christmas holidays, it will be much harder and longer to do so due to the queues. And I combined these purchases with Christmas shopping. Soon, we will go to Pokot to bring smiles to the children!

Thank you all for your support and for bringing smiles to us, as there is no greater joy than sharing the Word that gives eternal life!

Be blessed!