Hello friends, Ukraine on the line!

We want to share a bit about the ministry in Ukraine carried out by our mission, IMOCE. In Ukraine, we have four branches and numerous projects for spreading the Gospel.

In the Lviv region, there is a hospice mission for the elderly. For these people, attention and care are crucial. In this hospice, 23 individuals receive the necessary care. These are people who find themselves alone at the end of their lives.

Every Sunday, services are held for the elderly so that they can hear the word of God. Additionally, these individuals greatly need spiritual support. Therefore, we are very grateful to you for the financial assistance provided to these elderly people.

We continue to support our servicemen, sending shipments of vitamins, filters, sleeping bags, and glasses. We’ve also delivered a generator and two sets of winter tires for their work in challenging conditions. We maintain constant collaboration with various foundations and churches, offering assistance in the form of items, medicine, and devices for the disabled.

We thank each and every one of you for the opportunity to serve, to be part of your significant team. Thank you for your support!