Good afternoon to all the group members! We send you greetings from all the women and children from our crisis center “Little Mom”. We are still in Germany, but we miss Ukraine very much.
Our pastor, Oleksandr Matiushyn, visited us for two weeks. He is currently serving as a chaplain in the Mariupol battalion.
Together with the Germans, despite the heavy rain, we held a prayer for Ukraine and Israel in the park of our city. It is nice that many Ukrainian refugees come to these prayers.
Our children continue to celebrate their birthdays. Today Lilia is 18 years old. She is highly praised by her teachers at school, and once we took her and her brother out of an orphanage for children with developmental delays.
We also ask for your prayer support for Yevhen Isayev. He is in our center with 6 children. He has been fighting with intestinal cancer for more than 1.5 years. He has undergone 23 chemotherapy treatments. His wife died 2.5 years ago and he is raising the children alone.
We also ask you to support us in prayer for the minister of our center “Little Mom” – Alexander Sporth. He was defending Mariupol, got to Azovstal and is now in prison in Russia.
We thank the IMOCE Mission for their support over the years. May God bless each of you.