Hello from Kitale, Kenya.

We’re so grateful for the temporary addition to our mission team, three youths from my church in Washington who have committed to serving in Kenya for 2 months.

On Sunday, the teens held a talent show and I got to judge their acts, they tried so hard and did a great job presenting the talents God gave them! On Monday, we opened back up our Nursery School and began Term 3. We did some last shopping trip to have everything ready for the new term. The kids were glad to be back in school learning. Today we held the Happy Time program and Dudu Clinic at a school. We were able to reach 550 children with the Gospel as well as fun activities and treats. The kids were able to get medical treatment, shoes, and preventative care from worms (Dudu) in their feet. They enjoyed the trampoline, bouncy house, parachute, competitive games, cotton candy, popcorn, crafts, and Bible lesson. It was a blessed time.

Thank you for your support!

by Jennifer

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