Hello everyone. I would like to share with you the events of the past week. Children with “Dudu” sarcopsylosis were brought to our clinic at the church. We got it and processed it. A little about what it is all about: this is a disease carried by female sand fleas that penetrate the skin and lay eggs there, thereby feeding on flesh.
They visited the family, blessed them with food, and showed how to handle the house to get these fleas out of the house.
Also this week we made a dinner for parents of children from the “feeding” project. We talked about parenting and that children are a blessing and for them, we will be responsible before God. They prayed, but some also repented.
This week there was a visiting clinic in the village of Saboti, each had his area of ​​responsibility, I was responsible for the dressing and surgical center. Thank you so much for your open heart to serve Kenya. We pray for you and your families, blessings in all your work.

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