Greetings from Kenya. Another Sunday has passed, so I share what happened: Meeting a delegation of officers dealing with children from the very capital of Kenya is a privilege for us! Yesterday, representatives of the Agape Mission, heads of government agencies from Kitale, Kisumu, Nairobi, and Kenya’s Senior Chief of Children’s Affairs were able to see and see for themselves the Center for Street Children. So, in turn, we had the opportunity to share information about what we have been working on for almost 7 years – the #embrace street children center. Namely:
-how the center works;
– how to work with a child;
– interaction with the family;
– interaction with the state;
– how the state has helped us so far;
– how the state could help and much more.
We believe and hope that thousands of children living on the streets are not indifferent to their lives. Together we can do more! A social workers’ meeting is held every Friday. They had an outpatient clinic. It was my responsibility to dispense the medication and give the injections prescribed by my doctor. Home women’s group. I want to express my huge and sincere gratitude for your prayers, support, help. Thank you very much for everything. May God give you all the good and kind for your sensitive heart, open soul, and kindness. I believe that God will not leave without a reward!

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