Congratulations, dear friends. This week has been active and blessed. At Embrace, we continue to do needlework. This time they made flashlights. We continue to talk about light. The result of the work was extremely pleasing with its neatness. Thank God for the opportunity to help at the clinic.
My responsibility was to work with children. Since there was a school near the church where the clinic was located, we wanted to hold Bible classes there.
We were not allowed into the senior school, but in the junior school, we had the opportunity to conduct a lesson and pray for the children. Thank God for that. Thank God for our teenagers. We had a Bible lesson with them in the fresh air.
They played games on the knowledge of biblical verses and just had fun. At Sunday School, we use various methods and Bible stories to explain to children the importance of prayer and its power. Friends, thank you very much for your support. Thank God for the opportunity to serve with you. My heart rejoices when I see positive changes in the lives of these children. Please continue to pray for them.
Bless you, from the Lord in all areas of your life. May the Lord be with us and glorified through us.

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