Brothers and sisters, greetings from the equator!
I will share with you a blessed time, testimonies of God’s work here in Kenya, in the city of Kisumu, in the Dunga slum where my family and team are laboring.
My husband and I have a mostly “behind the scenes” ministry. Husband builds, fixes, purchases for the church and mission. The team runs various meetings, events, and ministries. I am responsible for the social projects of the mission, because serving in very poor neighborhoods, it is difficult to talk to people, knowing that they are physically hungry sometimes for several days. In general, many people live in such conditions that it is hard to call them human conditions.

Thank God, we were able to put some more children in school! Some children are already grown up, but they did not go to school – there was no money in the family. The children are brought up by one mother. There is almost always nothing to eat at home. They live far away from our church (about 1 hour walk), but they come to almost all services to drink tea and bread. We visit these families, we communicate a lot, we invited the mother to church (the eldest son attends our church). We helped with school and stationery. We bought them a bed and installed it. Helped with treatment and medication for mom.
I believe Jesus has not passed by this family and a miracle is being worked in their family today!

Praying in our team for repentance!

Visiting our grandparents with a small set of groceries. Listening to them a lot and praying together!
I love this ministry because the youth and elders are together! And in Kenya it’s something out of the “supernatural” in general

I continue to meet with the mentees and their families every week. Visiting our soup kitchen with inspections to improve it, and looking for finances for all these projects. Writing reports to ministry partners.