In the forefront, we express gratitude to everyone who contributes to the work of this school. The “Victoria” School is located in a remote area of Kniya, amidst the Turkana desert. This region is called Natidao, and here, there are severe droughts, water scarcity, and a high level of poverty, which prevents parents from providing education for their children in public schools.


There are 280 students in the school, and the number of students is steadily increasing.

 This is because parents see how well their older children are cared for, receiving food and education at the school every day, and they request to enroll their younger children who have not yet reached school age.

Parents are convinced that children in the school will be guaranteed meals several times a day, which will protect them from the hunger that plagues their region. The number of classes in the school is also increasing.


In July, we managed to finance the construction of a new classroom, which will help separate children by age, contributing to the improvement of the educational process.

We sincerely thank everyone who responds to the call for help for the children of Kenya. The children continue their studies.


Our students learn to read, write, and count in three languages: their native language (Kenya has many dialects that vary depending on the region), Swahili, and English.

As they are the first in their families to attend school, it is challenging for parents to understand the structure and importance of homework. Therefore, together with the children, the school helps parents acquire useful skills.


School garden

Until now, nothing grew in the desert, and people dreamed of having drinking water close to their homes. Now, with the wells that Imoce’s mission sponsors paid for, we are able to grow vegetables and teach the locals how to do so.

We are also able to teach children to work in the garden, growing food that we use in the school cafeteria, making healthy salads and growing legumes.

Due to the distance from water, farming in places like Natidao

like Natidao is very difficult.

We are deeply grateful for your regular care for the students of “Victoria” School. Your support makes an immensely important contribution to the lives of each of these children. Thanks to the school, they have the opportunity not only to learn secular sciences like math, reading, and writing but also etiquette and the most important truths for every person on Earth.

Of course, these truths are about the One who gave them life. Each student at the school attends Bible lessons, where they learn about the life of Jesus Christ and His sacrifice for humanity, about God’s love for all people regardless of their skin color or wealth.

All the school staff are believers who know the Lord and demonstrate His presence through their lives. Each day at “Victoria” School begins with a joint prayer.

We believe that your financial contributions will not only secure a future for each of these children but also help them accept Jesus Christ into their hearts.

Next to the school, there is a church that students attend together with their parents, where they learn about God.

The school is led by the wife of the local bishop.

By investing in these children now, we are investing in eternity.

Thank you for allowing God to take care of these children.

We are looking for sponsors for 30 more children.

If you have friends who would like to join in supporting the students of “Victoria” School, please share this information with them.

Or if you have the ability to add a few more children to the list of those you already care for, please let us know at +1 (206) 359-1677.