Hello everyone!

There’s a widow who lives in Bangladesh slums with her children, they were living in a house which was in a very bad condition when it rained the rain went inside the house and got everything wet and the house was falling apart..  praise God we were able to break the house and rebuild a new one, they are so happy and grateful, and also God did His work in their hearts and they gave their lives to Jesus and stopped drinking and started going to church and seeking God.

We are continuing with kids ministries, more kids keep coming and learning the word of God.

We are continuing with our homegroups, praise God He is doing His work in the hearts of youth.

We are continuing with bible studies in school, this week we taught them about abiding in Jesus.

We are continuing to visit teens’ jails, we teach the word of God, and encourage them. Thank you so much for your prayers and financial support! God bless you!