Greetings to all from Kisumu. I am Vlada Sidorchuk, we serve as a family on the mission of Assistance.

Last week I was very busy with the FEEDING project! We started this project 1 year and 2 months ago. We started with 30 people! Today we feed 138 people daily! And I understand that we urgently need to open another dining room in the new church. Orphans and old people find out about us and come to ask for the rest. We cannot refuse either orphans or the elderly. We try to give at least tea and bread to those who are not on the list. But you must admit, this is not life when this is the only meal of the day!

I try to find partners in this ministry. We need 138 people who will donate $10 per month!!! Only $10 a month and one person gets a hot meal in the evening every day!

Today, when there is war and earthquakes, it is not easy to find partners. Praise God, He multiplies products, finances, and forces for this project!

I met with three employees – an administrator and two cooks. These are local girls. Discussed the cost, and the menu. And most importantly, what we have come to – we must pray hard! We have severe water problems in our area! The water smells strongly of mule and is brown in color. It is considered drinkable, but it is IMPOSSIBLE to drink and cook on it !!!

We buy bottles and these are additional expenses that take more money than food!!!

Thank you for the opportunity to serve this person! And through good deeds to testify of our Savior!

We cook on the territory of the church and always tell people that it is the Lord himself who cooks for them because he loves and cares! Glad to serve in this project for widows, orphans, and old people who are abandoned!

Thank you for your support and kind hearts!