Hello everyone!
Greetings from Kenya! Here is an update from embrace!

Currently we have 43 boys. In the last week a few boys were very sick from Malaria but we praise God for their healing! They are now healthy and strong!

Every week boys are going home! In the second picture is a boy named David! He was brought by the police and was required to have counseling for a year! He has finished counseling and we praise God because he has shown a lot of transformation!

This week, a missionary team from Taiwan came and served our boys. They shared the Gospel, sang and danced with us. They also did a craft with us and played games!

These two boys came to our gate. They are former embrace boys who have ran back to their street life. We talked and counselled them and they agreed that they are ready to commit to rehabilitation.

These three brothers are some of our embrace boys. They have no family or relatives that can take care of them. We have been searching and praying for a family to adopt them. Praise God one of our staff members accepted them into their home as his children!