Greetings, friends, Ukraine 🇺🇦 is in touch! We thank God that you are alive, that we can work and help others thanks to you!

In Ukraine, 4 branches of the IMOCE mission continue to serve, these are the Emmanuel Charitable Foundation – IMOCE., Kirovohrad, Zhytomyr, Lviv and Odesa regions.
Today I will tell you a little about the Central district (Kirovohrad region)

Great thanks to God, volunteers and everyone who is involved, we were able to buy and bring another car for the military, namely for the 92nd Brigade, which defends our land in the Kharkiv region, Kupyansk direction.

We continue to work with people who have disabilities or whose loved ones have disabilities and need diapers. We are grateful to all the people, to the entire humanitarian department, because it is a huge help.
Our volunteer center at the church is open every week and people can ask for help.

Also, together with the international organization UNICEF, we helped families with small children. They were able to get good hygiene kits for the kids.

Orphans came to our garden. Their orphanage was located in Berdiansk, which is now an occupied territory, and they had already left under bombs and gunfire. At present, the children who are 14-15 years old have been distributed to educational institutions in Ukraine, so 14 children were brought to Oleksandriya. We were approached by the mayor’s office of our city to help these children with food.

We constantly send parcels to the front almost every other day, we put useful things for them, but do not forget to send them some goodies.

Sometimes we send parcels only through volunteers, because there are no delivery services on the front line.

Thanks to your help, we were able to provide the hospital with medicine, which they were very, very grateful for!

But we also do not forget about our main activity – preaching the Gospel, especially to children.
Now we have a children’s club called Happy Time and youth meetings called Skills Time.
At each meeting, we invite teenagers, young people who have not come to know Christ, and our task is to tell them about the Savior.

We are very, very grateful to all of you for your journey and your open hearts! Thank you for the opportunity to serve, preach and do works of faith with you!