Good afternoon, friends! Our project “Little Mom” continues its ministry, while we are in Germany.
We continue to serve God and people.
The city hall of our city organized an excursion to the airport of Stuttgart for the children.

Also, our children and teenagers were able to visit a Christian children’s camp. Three of our teenagers were assistant counselors. For a whole week they had the opportunity to pray every day, communicate with their peers, have Christian lessons, do various performances, sing and relax.

One of our mothers served in the kitchen for the second time in the camp, with the goal of feeding 350 children.

We also try to celebrate children’s holidays, especially birthdays.

At the end of the vacation, we took the children to an unusual pumpkin exhibition, where they could touch such interesting art and return to a fairy tale.

We thank the IMOCE Mission for their help and cooperation. We pray for all the ministries of the Mission.