Welcome, dear friends! greetings from distant and sunny Cuba! We are very glad that we can serve the Lord together with you!

This week we had many interesting events: a leadership conference was held in the city of Havana. It was a special time when more than 320 pastors gathered for 3 days in unity, in the “Old Havana” area

in the affairs of the Kingdom of God. This time it was a great blessing to be able to share with so many servants of God who love to work and serve the Lord and are passionate about fulfilling the call of God!

Pastors from our mission, Angel Luis and Neris, and also several leaders from their church attended this event and spoke about the children’s ministry they run and the help they receive from the IMOCE mission.

In the High Chamber Church in Havana, work continues on the construction of the second floor, where there will be classrooms for Sunday school. Although it is very difficult to get building materials, Pastor Angel Luis and the brothers from the church continue to build on their own.

Also, according to the established tradition, on the last Saturday of every month, we held

“Happy time” in the Molgov region, where our church is located, in which 87 children took part. Many came for the first time, we invited them from neighboring schools. There was a lot of joy and laughter in the park.

As always, there were children who saw slides and trampolines for the first time and tried cotton candy.

As always, our team prepared an interesting Bible lesson. The Bible lesson was about how to have a pure heart and how your life will change if you invite Jesus and He enters your heart.

And at the end of the holiday, very unexpectedly, the children received another surprise: our sister Gisel, who returned from a trip to the USA, brought caramel and Chupa Chups! Nobody expected this, because she flew right on that day!!

We are grateful to the Lord for the fact that despite the fact that Cuba is in a very difficult situation with food, even though there is no free bread, thanks to your support we were able, with great difficulty, to buy bread, but the only thing we could add to it was silent vegetable oil with salt and a glass of water with sugar. But our children were very happy with this!

The city of Santiago also had a lot of activities this week. Here is what Pastor Rodelbis and his wife Anna are saying. The sisters from our church represented us at the Women’s Prayer Service in the Kanasiya Church, in the city of Kaney. They also took part in a leadership conference for pastors.

Our project “Light of Life and Love” for pregnant girls from low-income families continues to work successfully. Our sisters sew clothes for the kids of the project.

Our program for children from kindergarten and non-primary school is also successfully working.

Thanks to the help of the mission, we can implement these projects. School notebook” tracing paper” for the children’s program. We prepare and print these materials ourselves.

by Viktoria Chichkalenko

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