Ukraine is in touch. Thank God we continue to serve, to do what the Lord has called us to do. The Berdichev and Oleksandriya team visited the Kharkiv region. , namely, the territory that was only recently freed from occupation, namely: Husarivka, Izyum, Balakliya, Shipovptoe, Rydne, Kurulka, Pashkovo, Hrushevakha, Komyshuaha.
We were able to take products, clothes, baby food, diapers for children, and medicines to these settlements. We visited 10 villages and 2 cities. Villages without water, gas, electricity, and communication. Villages have been wiped off the face of the earth, all around are traces of fierce battles, remnants of fired ammunition, and burned equipment.
The forests around the villages are mined, and the remnants of rockets are scattered around. People cried when they were given food and water. Our missionaries heard many scary stories. In order to survive on the front line, people write on the fences “People live here”
On the way back, they had some problems, as they could not leave the road at night – most of the bridges were blown up by the occupiers. And since there is no connection, it was not possible to call anywhere. Thanks to God, He sent our soldiers and they took the bus to the track, but we had to drive through swamps.
We are grateful to all of you that we were able to go and do this! It was God who directed us to those villages that needed it very much. We are grateful to God that He gives strength to our defenders, and that our territories are liberated!
Many thanks to you, friends, for what you invest in the Kingdom of Christ, fulfilling the word of God, thank you for being with us and with our trouble!

by Regina Pylypenko

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