The island of Cuba is on the line. We welcome all members of the group and sincerely thank everyone for their support and help!

In the East of the country in the city of Santiago, our team continues its active work. This week we took part in interchurch prayer and fasting. Prayers were for our country Cuba, for well-being and peace, and also that Cuba would be allowed to freely preach the Gospel and that a new law would not be adopted – a project on the family, which, among other topics, includes the topic of legalizing same-sex marriages.

Also, a new project for unbelieving teenagers and children to learn English has begun work in our church. Also in the kindergarten, there are interesting classes for children, and great efforts are made so that everyone gets hot food.

Glorious Sunday, we are relaunching our Sunday Bible School. The children and leaders of all our affiliated missions (Ducureaux, El Caney, Sabana Ingenio, and Santa Teresa) praise God, learn and play.

Also, a Bible school for children and adolescents has begun in all our missionary points.

Bible Sunday school at a missionary point in the village of Sofbol.

The Sunday Bible School in the village of Sabanas Ingenio used to be held in the open air, but we have already started building a classroom, but there are no materials for the roof yet, and we covered it with a special rubberized fabric.

God bless each of the Sunday Schools, we are working for our Heavenly Father!!!


Once again, we want to thank everyone who helps to implement these special projects, together we are a huge force. Blessings to you dear brothers and sisters!

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