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Kenya 05/23/23

Greetings from Kisumu, the Pokot Desert, from the Onguko family. My name is Natalia and I am happy to share some news with you. We spent most of this month in Pokot. We needed to supervise many processes as we finished building a classroom for… Read More »Kenya 05/23/23

Kenya 05/19/23

Friends, good day to you all. My name is Andrei and I am stationed in Kisumu at the Assistance Mission. Sorry to write to you today because I was supposed to yesterday. We now have a large team from America. I am involved in helping… Read More »Kenya 05/19/23

Kenya 05/18/23

David Lech from Kitale, Kenya, OkAfrica Mission We had the opportunity and great blessing to travel with our worship team to the capital of Kenya, Nairobi. There we were trained by very talented musicians and one popular singer in Kenya. We also had some time… Read More »Kenya 05/18/23

Kenya 05/11/23

Greetings all from Kenya, the town of Malindi, Shkraba Marina In recent weeks have continued to buy groceries for the villages, and support the village churches. Purchased goats for the poorest. Thank you so much for your financial help, you are in my prayers every… Read More »Kenya 05/11/23

Kenya 05/09/23

My name is Natalia Yevtushyk from Kisumu, Kenya, and I have been serving in this mission for almost 6 years. We had a wonderful ministry for children. We all washed our hands first, as there is cholera in our neighborhood. We had a delicious meal… Read More »Kenya 05/09/23

Kenya 04/25/23

Kenya, Kisumu, Natalia Yevtushyk. We had a wonderful Easter meeting for the children. We had a wonderful lunch – green bean soup and chapati. This week, the vacation started. We have been meeting with leaders for several weeks to organize a camp for 300 children.… Read More »Kenya 04/25/23

Kenya 04/11/23

The Onguko family (Kisumu-Pokot) . Yesterday we returned to Kisumu from a two-week trip to the Pokot Desert. There we helped the teacher at the school with the children every day. We also fed the children hot lunches. We painted the walls of the school… Read More »Kenya 04/11/23

Kenya 04/06/23

Greetings friends, today we want to tell you about the Victoria School, which is located in Kenya, Turkana Desert. This school was opened by our mission IMOCE, Anatoly Petrovich Kolomiyets saw a great need for these children and thanks to your support, your finances were… Read More »Kenya 04/06/23

Kenya 03/28/23

Greetings, everyone! I am writing to you from Kenya, the city of Malindi, Shkraba Marina. Helping a family from the village. There are a lot of children there. There were vacations and they came home. I also meet and communicate with unbelievers and do homework… Read More »Kenya 03/28/23

Kenya 03/28/23

My name is Natasha Yevtushyk and I serve in Kisumu, Kenya, in the Dunga slum. Every Wednesday we hold our meetings for children from 9 to 13 years old. We always try to make the meeting interesting. The preparation itself lasts several days – we… Read More »Kenya 03/28/23