Greetings, friends, Ukraine is in touch, with God’s help, and with your support, we can serve people, people and help the needy. The team of the IMOCE mission in Balta held an event where they supported people with disabilities and distributed grocery bags and diapers. The event was held for 80 people, where people heard the word of God, prayed, and received food packages. They were able to support people with food packages.

In the central region, work with displaced persons continues – distribution of food packages, visits to disabled children, and visits to pensioners. We provided diapers, diapers, and a food package for children with disabilities, such families have very big needs, because the money paid by the state is not enough for either food or medicine.

Thank you once again for the products we received in the container, we have started packaging and address delivery and helping families with small children. Thank you all for your support and help, we couldn’t do it without you! May God’s blessings be always in your life!

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