Thank God, we are alive and can do God’s work. Tomorrow Ukraine celebrates Easter and we wanted to decorate the stage in the church but declared an air alarm and young people instead of hiding in a bomb shelter, continue the work.

And we continue to serve, hostilities continue in Ukraine, and missiles are flying everywhere. Our team visited an orphanage for children with disabilities, we brought them diapers, wet wipes, and food bottles.

We are very grateful to each of you for these diapers!!! For this orphanage it is like a treasure!

Where some children went to Poland, but 96 remained, these are not transportable children…. We were also approached by the Association of the Disabled, and we were able to help the disabled – with donated food packages. We talked, hugged them, and gave them Bibles and food. They brought more humanitarian aid to our city, from Serhiy Demidovich, for which we are very grateful, we will continue to distribute food packages. Friends, we are very grateful to you for your Love and forgotten, thank you for being with us, for sacrificing so that the word of God may shine in your hearts!

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